Whether your requirements are to provide flooring for an entire building, upgrade a Boardroom or install practical flooring finishes such as sheet vinyl for WC and Tea Point areas, at Storax we are able to offer practical advice and installation.

Storax pride themselves on having built strong commercial relationships with a number of flooring manufacturers over the course of the last 30 years which ensures that we receive unrivalled service and reliability no matter what the product.

Our tried and tested flooring fitters, like many of our tradesmen have worked for Storax for many years and in some cases all their trading lives.

Carpet Tiles
Durable, easy to clean and easy to replace.
Easy to fit in a short space of time with minimal floor preparation in most cases.
Supplied in a wide variety of textures and colours

Ceramic Tiling
Ceramic tile is a beautiful, tough and enduring floor and wall covering material. Apart from its very presentable look, it is resistant to almost all of the common sources of wear endured by quality flooring.

Here is a quick list of the many advantages of ceramic tiles:

  • Durability – longer life than other flooring types
  • Fireproof. They do not burn or give off smoke or toxic gases
  • The fact that they are moisture resistant make them the ideal choice for wet areas
  • They can withstand heavy traffic flow due to their resistance to abrasion and tread wear
  • Stain resistant. All you need do is sweep, vacuum or brush and wash regularly with water
  • Ceramic tiles are recommended for all areas where high sanitary standards are a must

Whether it is a public or residential, indoors or outdoors, ceramic tile can be counted on to perform with exceptional durability and unique visual appeal.

Laminate and Solid Wood Flooring
Easy to clean and maintain, hardwearing, stunning natural patterns and luxurious to the touch and to the eye.

Depending on your budget we can supply laminate floor, engineered floors or solid wood in a host of shapes and finishes.

Combining hard wood flooring with carpet tiles provides both a practical solution, in protecting areas with a lot of footfall, and also allows greater design flexibility.

Safety Flooring
If health and safety, or special hygiene needs are an issue, there’s a large range of non-slip floor coverings for you to choose from that offer the best in anti slip properties. All are hardwearing, easy to clean and available in a wide range of colours and finishes.

Some environments demand Safety Flooring to prevent slips and to comply with the law which states walking surfaces must be safe. We specialise in safety floor coverings for hospitals, dentist, kitchen and toilet areas, changing rooms and other commercial institutions.

Entrance Matting
You’ve just installed new carpets throughout the building, including the Reception, and people are walking in from the car park and it’s raining heavily.

What better way to safeguard your recent investment than installing new entrance matting.

It is estimated that over 70% of dirt in commercial buildings is carried in by foot and wheeled traffic and a good entrance mat is your first defence at keeping the appearance of your new or existing flooring.

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